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The Alice Virginia and David W. Fletcher Foundation Grant Application

The Alice Virginia and David W. Fletcher Foundation, Inc’s mission is to provide aid and encouragement to charitable organizations* which (1) carry on their activities and work principally in Washington County, Maryland, and help worthy individuals (a) continue their education, (b) establish themselves in business, (c) overcome adversities, or (d) maintain or support themselves or their families; and (2) enhance the quality of life in Washington County, Maryland.

* Individuals do not qualify for grants.

Questions may be directed to William P. Young, Jr., Executive Director, The Fletcher Foundation, P.O. Box 1295 (Suite 501, 82 West Washington Street), Hagerstown, Maryland 21741-1295, Telephone 240.452.1783, or email him at

The following documents must be submitted with each grant request:

  • Proposal Narrative (up to 4 pages)
  • Detailed Project or Program Budget. Including other funding sources if appropriate
  • Copy of your IRS Final Determination 501(c)(3) letter. (If your organization does not have §501(c)(3) status, please call the Executive Director to determine if the Fletcher Foundation is willing to fund your organization through a sponsoring organization. Additional information may be required.)

Beginning January 2017, the Directors will make grants only once a year. Grant applications and all supporting documents must be submitted electronically on or before 30 September of each year. The Directors will consider applications that are timely filed at the grants meeting in November of each year. If an application is approved in whole or in part, the award will be made in the next calendar year. If you need funding for your program or project by a specific date, please include that date in the grant summary and the grant narrative sections of the Foundation’s electronic application. If you do not include a date in those two sections of the application, the Directors reserve the right to fund the grant sometime during the next calendar year.

The Directors reserve the right to ask a grant applicant to submit complete financial statements that must include a balance sheet and a statement of revenues and expenses.

Applicant Information
Only the following file types are allowed: .txt, .rtf, .pdf, .doc, .docx.File size must be under 2 MB.
Project Information

Please attach the proposal narrative which may not exceed four pages in the form of a pdf file, a Word Document, or a Word Perfect Document. The narrative must discuss the following, if applicable: the goals of the program or project; how the grant will be spent; the tools you will use to evaluate the strengths and weakness of the program or the project; and the date when the Fletcher Foundation will receive a written evaluation of the program or project that discusses the tools used and the program’s or project’s strengths and weaknesses.

Only the following file types are allowed: .txt, .rtf, .pdf, .doc, .docx. File size must be under 2 MB.

The Foundation’s governing documents expressly state that all grants must be awarded to charitable organizations which carry on their activities and work principally in Washington County and for charitable purposes that benefit the citizens of Washington County, Maryland.

Revised 01/2018


I certify that the information in this application is, to the best of my knowledge, true and accurate and is submitted with our Board of Directors'/Governing Body's full knowledge and endorsement.

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