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Proposal Narrative

Directions: Limit your Proposal Narrative to four (4) pages maximum, with .8 inch margins, 12 point font or larger. Fill in each section using the bold face headings to write your responses in normal text.


  1. Your organization's history and accomplishments.
  2. Your current programs and activities. Include the constituency you serve and how the benefit from your organization's work.
  3. Your organization's relationships - both formal and informal - with other organizations working to meet the same need. In what way does your work differ from that of other organizations?

Funding Request

  1. What need or problem does your project work to address?
  2. In a short paragraph, tell us your project's (or organization's) goals and the specific outcomes you project for the grant period, e.g., numbers served, behaviors or attitudes changed, capital projects completed etc.
  3. Describe your project or the capital items requested, including:
    • Whether the project is new, ongoing or an expansion
    • Target audience, including specific demographic information
    • Activities/strategies that will be used to meet your stated outcomes
    • General time line for the main objectives of your project
  4. If this is a request for General Support, what are your organization's most pressing needs?
  5. How do you plan to evaluate the effectiveness or impact of the project?
  6. Summarize the skills and relevant experience of key staff/volunteers essential to the project's success. If other organizations are collaborating on this project, note which ones and in what ways.
  7. If full funding is not available, what is the contingency plan for securing additional support and/or how can you modify your proposal?